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12 Bowls of Pasta We're Dreaming About

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The fresh, hand-torn pasta at Lou Bird's is made with whole wheat flour and completed with lobster, maitake (mushrooms) and sorrel (a tart green herb). Tonnarelli is a special pasta (commonly known as spaghetti alla chitarra) made with an instrument called a "pasta guitar". Locanda prepares its tonnarelli dish the classic Roman way -- cacio e pepe -- with Pecorino di Fossa, long pepper and that's it, or basta!

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— Michelle Pruett

Lou Bird's, a stylish bistro, takes wing on a Rittenhouse corner

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Thursday, Aug. 25 is opening night at Lou Bird's, the high-end, new-American bar-restaurant filling the Meritage space at 20th and Lombard Streets. Owners/neighbors Norris and Debbie Jordan, who also own the Happy Rooster at 16th and Sansom Streets (he also owns WNJ Capital, a Center City financial-services firm), have brought in longtime Garces chef de cuisine Natalie Maronski as executive chef, and Starr alum Josh Jenkins as general manager.

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— Michael Klein

Philly Gossip: M Night Shyamlan, Harvey Keitel, The Q Show, Burgers & Bowl

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Last week I had dinner at the new eatery Lou Bird’s at 20th and Lombard. The food is delicious, and the deserts divine. I even met the namesake of the restaurant – Lou Bird, who’s the precocious 10 year old of Norris and Debbie Jordan of the Happy Rooster, who also own Lou Bird’s. Lou Bird told me her favorite dish was American Wagyu Strip Fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, kim-chimi, which I will definitely get on a return visit.

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— HughE Dillon

Lou Bird’s

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On August 25th, Norris and Debbie Jordan opened Lou Bird’s dinner service and then brunch. Named after their daughter’s nickname, the restaurant features ingredient driven new American cuisine, intending to be casual, but elevated and elegant, served in a friendly, social, comfortable and chic neighborhood setting.

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— philmytummy

It’s The Foobooz Fall Restaurant Round-Up

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Norris and Debbie Jordan (who already own the Happy Rooster) took over the former home of Meritage, gave it a complete overhaul, built a whole new kitchen for it (one of the things which ended up delaying the opening from spring), and then snagged one of the city’s best chefs–Natalie Maronski, fresh off her turn running the kitchen at Volver–to lead the crew. The menu is French-inflected New American, the space is airy and open, and it has a great bar program to go with it.

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Lou Bird's Takes Flight

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Of course, I never went past pork, but I survived until I decided to go abroad to Cuba and rationalized that pork–eating would be an essential part of my cultural immersion. It totally was—the pork there is awesome—but for those of you not ready to hop on a plane to Havana, go to Lou Bird’s and make sure you start with the pork belly ($8) like I did.

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